Adoption Application

    Thank you for your interest in adopting a beagle from us. To adopt, a person must:

    1. Be an adult 21 years of age or older with the responsibility for maintaining a household.

    2. Must live within 45 minutes of Atlanta.

    3. Have ID verifying address, such as a driver’s license.

    4. Be able to provide for the training and veterinary care of the dog and to pay an agreed upon adoption fee, to help cover the costs of rescue and vet care.

    Our adoption process is as follows:

    First and foremost, you must complete an adoption application in order to meet our available dogs. We will not set up any meet and greets between you and one of our dogs until we have an adoption application on file.

    Once you submit your adoption application, you will be contacted within 72 hours for an adoption interview over the phone. During this time, our volunteers are also completing vet checks, landlord checks (if applicable), and reference checks. Once this process is complete, and you are approved to move forward, an ABR volunteer will contact you to set up a home check. This process can take anywhere between a week to a month, depending on availability of volunteers, your schedule, etc.

    After the home check is completed and approved, you are ready to meet the dogs! If there is a specific dog that you are interested in, please let us know on your adoption application and tell the volunteer completing your home check. The volunteer will update the Adoption Coordinator after your home check is completed, and the Adoption Coordinator will be in touch.

    It’s very important to understand that we operate on a first come, first APPROVED basis. We DO NOT hold dogs for anyone! You cannot adopt a dog and then ask us to keep the dog until you are ready. Once you adopt a dog, it is understood that you take ownership of the dog and take the dog into your home. If you have travel plans, are moving, etc., please consider those when applying to adopt a dog, and wait until you are able to take full responsibility for the dog.

    For the dog, moving from their foster home to their adoptive home is a huge change and one that requires patience and flexibility from the humans. Plan to spend a lot of time with your new dog in the first few weeks and months as they adapt to the transition to your house and your lifestyle. Adopting a dog is a serious, long-term commitment, but rewarding beyond measure!

    NOTE: We DO NOT foster-to-adopt any of our dogs, except in the following situations:

    1) You are a previous ABR adopter.
    2) The dog you are adopting is having ongoing medical treatment with the rescue, such as heartworm treatment,

    *Atlanta Beagle Rescue is a small rescue group run solely by volunteers. Most of us work full-time jobs outside of rescue and have family demands of our own. Your patience during this process is greatly appreciated. We process adoption applications as quickly as we can. If you have any questions about our adoption process, please contact us at Thank you!

    Our standard adoption fee is $250 for dogs older than six months and it is NON-REFUNDABLE. Dogs six months of age or younger require a $300 fee.

    Required fields are denoted by an asterisks (*) . PLEASE FILL IN ALL FIELDS OF THIS FORM!! Incomplete applications will throw an error. If a required field does not apply, type "n/a". Many of the questions may seem cumbersome, but they help us to make the best possible match. It is better to type too much than not enough and you can type more than the text box size.

    First Name(*)
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    Which dog are you interested in?
    How many adults are in your household(*)
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    Children(s) Age(s)
    Are all members of your household willing to be responsible for the new pet?(*)
    Would you say your level of activity as a family is
    Does anyone in your household have allergies? YesNo
    Does anyone in your household smoke? YesNo
    You live in:
    Is there a fenced yard? YesNo
    What type of fencing?
    How high is the fence
    If you rent, please supply landlord name and phone number
    How many years have you lived at this address?
    Are you moving in the foreseeable future YesNo
    If yes, what will happen to the dog?

    Please tell us about your other pets
    Pet 1 Type NoneCatDog
    Pet 1 Name
    Pet 1 Age
    Pet 1 Gender MaleFemale
    Spayed/Neutered YesNo
    Pet 1 current on (check all that apply)
    rabies vaccinationsother age appropriate vaccinationsheartworm prevention
    what happened to the pet if no longer with you?

    Pet 2 Type NoneCatDog
    Pet 2 Name
    Pet 2 Age
    Pet 2 Gender MaleFemale
    Spayed/Neutered YesNo
    Pet 2 current on (check all that apply) rabies vaccinationsother age appropriate vaccinationsheartworm prevention
    what happened to the pet if no longer with you?

    Pet 3 Type NoneCatDog
    Pet 3 Name
    Pet 3 Age
    Pet 3 Gender MaleFemale
    Spayed/Neutered YesNo
    Pet 3 current on (check all that apply) rabies vaccinationsother age appropriate vaccinationsheartworm prevention
    what happened to the pet if no longer with you?

    What other pets do you have?

    Current/most recent veterinarian
    Current/most recent veterinarian's phone number
    If you do not currently have a vet where do you plan to take the dog?
    Have you previously given up a pet? (*)

    If yes, please explain:

    Reference #1(*) name
    relationship to you
    Reference #2(*) name
    relationship to you
    Reference #3(*) name
    relationship to you

    Reason(s) for wanting this pet - check all that apply?

    Is this your first experience with a beagle? (*) YesNo
    Please list two or three things you know about beagles specifically
    Please explain in detail your idea of the beagle that would fit best in your home and elaborate on the reasons why you want to rescue a beagle: (*)
    Is someone home during the day or will someone be able to come home during the day to exercise the dog? (*) YesNo
    Please provide details: (*)
    Where/how will the dog be confined on your property during the day: (*)
    Where/how will the dog be confined on your property at night: (*)
    Other information that may be relevant with regards to confinement of the dog (doggy day care, etc.):
    What arrangements will you make for your pet when you travel or are on vacation? (*)
    Have you used a crate previously? (*) YesNo
    What books or other references have you read pertaining to this breed, or to the care and training of dogs in general?
    What will you do if the dog develops behavior problems after adoption? (*)
    Is there anything else you would like to add?
    How did you hear about us? (This will help our marketing so please answer.)
    If you had a referral from a friend or a group, please let us know who it was:
    Type your initials in the box to confirm your understanding. (*)