Forever Foster: Lady

Lady was originally a breeding dog and likely had several litters before being surrendered to a rescue in Hartwell, Ga in May. She was spayed and had a dental with that rescue is preparation for adoption, but likely she was overlooked because of her age. This may be the first time in her whole life where she’s living in a home, and sleeping on a bed. She really enjoys napping with her foster sisters and brother and getting daily baths by the cats.

Sadly, Lady has several medical conditions that prevent her from being adopted, and she will remain with her foster home for the rest of her life. After an ultrasound and lab work, Lady has been diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease, grade 4 dental disease with an oral mass, a mammary mass, and an enlarged spleen with two masses which are likely cancer. She also has a bit of incontinence, a bad urinary tract infection, and gallbladder sludge.

Our goal is to keep Lady as comfortable as possible for as long as possible! Lady’s medical care is approximately $200 per month. We could really use your help to make sure Lady has the best quality of life we can give her. Please visit our Donate page to support Lady. She is why we rescue! Not all rescues end in adoption, but they still get to have the best rest of their life!

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